Randy Couture backs fighters‘ rights before congressional subcommittee

Les Carpenter: Couture, a UFC champion turned outspoken critic, spoke out on Thursday for more federal the rules of the boast that constructed him a star This was something the UFC could not require. But there before a congressional subcommittee on Thursday sat Randy Couture, one of their once-great champions and now one of their […]

Katy Perry enunciates she tried to ‚pray the lesbian away‘ as an adolescent

Singer made an psychological lecture while approving the National Equality Award at the 2017 Human Claim Campaign Gala Katy Perry has opened up about her Christian upbringing and being learned how to pray the lesbian away at Jesus cliques while countenancing an awarding for LGBT claims advocacy. The 32 -year-old pop star made an psychological […]

10 High-Protein Dinner Recipes Meat Lovers Will Be Drooling Over

Do you go weak in the knees for pork and meatballs? Does nothing please you more than a great cut of beef? Then youll dig this list of mouthwatering carnivorous recipes. Vegetarians, youre gonna wishes to redirect yourselves here. Its true-blue that flesh sometimes contains high levels of saturated fat, which has been linked to […]

Six months in, Kelly’s armed background still affects DHS secretary

Miami( CNN) The first thing you need to know about John Kelly? He’s a Marine. That’s what sidekicks and colleagues close to President Donald Trump’s secretary of homeland security say about the retired general, who expended virtually five decades in the armed forces. That represents a few events: He’s dedicated to his mission, he’s loyal […]

Here’s How The Presidential Candidates Eat, Sleep And Work Out

They say you first should be allowed care for yourselfbefore you can care for someone else. That’s especially true for the role of chairperson, it turns out. Sometimes napping is channel more advantageous than blearily taking on one more stack of documents and clearing important decisions while fatigued. Great governors know this. While it probably […]

Here’s The Low-Down On All The Lesbian Incidents Happening During LA Pride

If you’ve ever travelled out in West Hollywood, you may have noticed the high seas of beautiful, coiffed lesbian boys all around you. Did you insure any dykes at all? Did you have to really think about that one? My lesbian and straight-but-questioning-things sidekicks and I have invested countless darkness scoping out girl’s nights at […]

San Francisco police chief secretes racist text meanings, orderings instructing | Fox News

Rev. Amos Brown, right, of the NAACP, speaks as San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr, middle, and Suzy Loftus, left, President of the San Francisco Police Commission, listen during a news conference in San Francisco. ( AP) SAN FRANCISCO- San Francisco’s police chief articulated Friday that he has prescribed that all officers finish an anti-harassment […]

Airlander 10: Longest aircraft researched after gate-crash mends – BBC News

Image copyright sbna Image caption The figurehead of Airlander 10 touched the ground on its return to Cardington Airfield It is hoped that the world’s longest aircraft – the 25 m Airlander 10 – will return to the skies this year after crash landing in August. The 302 ft( 92 m) long aircraft – which […]