Which Of These Global Fast Foods Should Come To America?

In America, fast food is known for being a bit, well, undue. We have substance crust pizzas and sandwiches reached with deep-fried chicken as a bun, and the fact that people can get 20 chicken McNuggets for less than$ 5 should be more disturbing than appetizing.

You get what you offer for.

But we’re not alone! Some of the most popular fast food chains in America likewise spread the ardour and calories overseas, but in sometimes delicious and sometimes ruffling routes. They’re often regional favorites, which attains appreciation, but there are still some things that America was likely to think about adding…


The Lobster and Caviar Burger Wendys, Japan

As the call suggests, this thing includes both claw meat and lobster salad, topped with a mustardy mayonnaise and dispersed with caviar.

I guess I precisely learned you are able spray something with caviar.


Black Ninja Burger – Burger King, Japan

Via: Daily Meal

Well, this is distressing on various ranks, but here we go.

It has two pitch-black buns, a Whopper patty, hash chocolate-browns and a slab o‘ bacon for a ninja tongue. Nothing replies appetizing like ninja tongue.


Winter Double King Pizza – Pizza Hut, Japan

They read even bad pizza is good pizza, but this has run beyond pizza into some sort of hybrid with a crust make use of fried shrimp thrust with mayonnaise. Then its topped with crab, shrimp, beef, broccoli, onion, corn, egg, potato, and more mayo. On a pizza.


Rice Congee – KFC, China

Via: BuzzFeed

So…yeah. You get a bowls of congee, which is a rice porridge that they are able peculiarity pork, pickles, mushrooms, and preserved egg.

If you like congee, this would be great. If you dont, stick with the coleslaw.


The Surf and Turf Burger McDonalds, Austria

As the name proposed to, its a burger surfaced with tomato, cucumbers, arugula surfing with…fried shrimp.


Crab Coquette Burger – McDonalds, Japan

Via: Kotaku

Wheres the beef? Not here.

This is a breaded and deep-fried crab croquette and mushrooms served with a tomato sauce and lettuce on Ciabatta bread.


Crown Crust Pizza – Pizza Hut, Middle East

Via: Eater

You have the choice of two disconnected junk food items to have jostle into your pizza crust: Cheeseburgers or chicken fillets.

Toppings on the cheeseburger crust go terminated with special sauce, and you get barbecue sauce and light-green peppers on the chicken one.

With both you get a psychological quiz upon situating your guild.

Which one would you want to try?

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