Donald Trump has been president for 30 weeks. This is the worst one.

body__paragraph"> Washington( CNN) Donald Trump has been President for 30 weeks — or 210 eras if you are counting.

But what are the absolute worst weeks Trump has accepted?

Below, I’ve graded Trump’s six worst weeks.( I am defining a week for the purposes of this discussion as Monday-Sunday .) What weeks did I miss? Move me an email at cillizza @cnn. com and I’ll add to this pole if need be!

Sessions recuses himself from Russia probe

Comey: Trump administration defamed me, FBI

Comey vouching back in March.


CNN’s special report on Comey’s burning from May 10.

Lizza: Scaramucci interview ‚the most insane‘

Trump protects Charlottesville statement( full observes)

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