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Chipotle has been the brunt of parodies and been struck by lawsuits, but some experts are prophesying positive growing chassis as early as the end of the year. ( AP)

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc which is trying to recover from a series of food-borne illness outbreaks, temporarily shut a Massachusetts restaurant after four employees fell sick.

The restaurant in the town of Billerica, outside Boston, was closed for a full cleansing, fellowship spokesman Chris Arnold suggested by email.

Chipotle’s shares fell 3.8 percent to $504.50 in extended trading.

„No customer illnesses are connected to this restaurant. Any employee who reported sensation ill will be held out of the restaurant until they amply heal, “ Arnold added.

Chipotle is trying to reparation its honour after suffering several food-related ailments, including 2 E.Coli outbreaks that nauseated about 50 beings in 14 states and two disconnected norovirus outbreaks in Massachusetts and California.

The Massachusetts health department confirmed that the restaurant was closed willingly and that no patrons were known to be sick, according to a Bloomberg report.( 1RQsaYH)

The department was not immediately available for comment.

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